What We Do

Based in London, UK, we established Lose The Lads Magicians in 2015 as a fresh and exciting all-female take on the party and celebration industry. As a group of young and energetic women who are passionate about what we do, our mission is to make party organisation not only simpler and more convenient, but actually almost as much fun as the event itself. From our own experience, we know that party planning can be stressful, but it can also be exhilarating. At the planning stage, the possibilities seem endless, and while that could potentially be overwhelming, Lose The Lads Magicians aims to smooth the process, to bring focus, and to help channel creativity so that every event is spectacular and lives up to expectations.

Who We Are

We are a team of young women who met at college, recognised a shared interest in the party planning industry and decided to set up a company so that we could make a career out of our hobby. Our names are Madeline Fletcher, Carrie Gray and Christina Rowe, and we are three friends who met back in 2004 while studying at the University of East London. We met in the first few weeks and became good friends, and in the second and third years we shared a house in Beckton where we held quite a lot of themed parties. Eventually, we became known as the party girls on campus – and not for our wild lifestyles! More people started to come to us when they needed an event to be organised and by the time we graduated, we had arranged four graduation parties, an engagement party, two baby showers and countless birthday celebrations! Although we all started working for different companies, we would still get together regularly and talk about our dream of setting up our own events company, but it wasn't until our friend Deborah asked us to plan her wedding for her that we began to seriously consider turning our vision into a reality.

How It All Began

Over the next two years, we threw ourselves into planning as many events as possible on the side while still working at our day jobs, gaining valuable experience in all of the elements of party planning and organisation. Word started to get around, and we began to build up testimonials from satisfied clients, and while many of those were our friends and relations, over time they started to include friends of friends, business associates and people who had attended events that we had organised and wanted to arrange something similar for their own big day. In 2015, we were finally ready to take the plunge. We quit our day jobs, started up Lose The Lads Magicians and haven't looked back since. Happy are the women whose job is also their pastime, and we can honestly say that we have the best jobs in the world, helping to make other people happy, and to make their celebration the best one ever.

Our Mission

As hopeless romantics, the three of us delight in making sure that everything is perfect for the bride and groom on a day that will be the highlight of their life together. There's nothing quite as wonderful as a beautiful wedding, and we are endlessly grateful for the privilege of being involved in such a momentous occasion for the happy couple. Of course, no wedding would be complete without an amazing bachelorette party, and if there's one thing that we love almost as much as organising the wedding itself, it's helping to give the bride-to-be her perfect send-off to married life. Whether she is looking for a traditional night on the tiles or a sophisticated weekend abroad, we can tailor the perfect package. A happy marriage is always a cause for celebration, no matter how many years the couple have been together, and we take pride in organising special and heartfelt anniversary parties to the happiest moments that the pair have shared together while expressing the hope for many more.

No celebration is too big or too small – Hey Presto! Lose The Lads Magicians can arrange them all!