Lose the lads’ mags from your union shop!

Pass a motion in your students’ union to stop your union shop selling sexist, harmful lads’ mags.

Why pass a policy?

By choosing to sell sexist lads’ mags like Nuts and Zoo, union shops send out the message to students that it is normal and acceptable to view women as dehumanised sex objects. Yet evidence shows that portraying women as sex objects fuels attitudes underpinning violence against women.

Students should be able to access union facilities and services free from sexism. In fact, exposing students and employees to sexist, degrading lads’ mags in student union shops can constitute sexual harassment or sex discrimination under the Equality Act 2010. No responsible retailer should be selling publications that can breach equality law.

By passing a policy to lose the lads’ mags from your students’ union shop, you’ll stop these magazines fuelling sexist attitudes on campus and send out a powerful message to high-street retailers like Tesco that they should follow your lead and do the same.  

If your student union shop doesn’t currently sell lads’ mags, introducing a policy will ensure they can’t be stocked in future.

How to pass a Lose the Lads’ Mags policy

You can lose the lads mags from your student union by passing a motion at your student union Council or Forum. Here’s how:

Step 1: Check what the process is for submitting a motion to your students’ union Council or Forum. Also check the exact formatting and wording that the motion needs to include. You can usually find this information on your union’s website or speak to a Sabbatical Officer.

Step 2: Download our model motion and submit it in the correct format to your students’ union Council or Forum.

Step 3:  Contact us for advice and resources in gaining support and passing the motion.

If you want to pass a Lose the Lads’ Mags policy at your students’ union email us at


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