Lose the Lads Mags is delighted to be supported by the following organisations and individuals:

Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL)

Dr Mary Bousted, General Secretary, Association of Teachers and Lecturers, said:
“ATL is delighted to sign the ‘Lose the Lads’ Mags’ petition, as part of the campaign spearheaded by UKFeminista and OBJECT. Not only do so-called ‘Lads’ Mags’ portray women as dehumanised objects, but they also continue to be sold in many supermarkets and newsagents, where children can easily be exposed to them. Are the attitudes towards women and pornographic images in these magazines really what we want our children to be seeing? At ATL’s conference this year our members told us resoundingly that they are worried about the increased ‘pornification’ of society and its pernicious effects on young people, which is why ATL wholeheartedly supports this campaign. We congratulate the Co-Operative for taking action and look forward to seeing supermarkets empty their shelves of pornography. It’s not only children who are exposed to this, but also the thousands of employees working in supermarkets stocking these magazines.”


Karen Jennings, Assistant General Secretary of Unison, said:
“UNISON believes that there is no place for blatant sexual objectification of women in modern Britain. Whilst the lads mags may argue that such images are “harmless fun”  the drip, drip effect of young women being objectified and humiliated daily in Britain’s media sets the cultural conditions for wider issues of sex inequality and continued violence against women. Sexism and sexual harassment is not a thing of the past or something that just happened in the 1970’s, it is still part of working life for women in Britain today. UNISON members working in the public sector – in nursing, caring, the police and schools – deal with the consequences every day.”

Women’s Aid

Polly Neate, Women’s Aid Chief Executive said:
“This campaign is a brilliant way to show retailers and publishers that the public will not stand for casual misogyny any longer. Young women should not have to walk past images which show them as passive sex objects and legitimate targets for male sexual aggression every day, as they do now. Lads’ mags are not ‘banter’, they repeat damaging sexist ideas and objectify women. We urge retailers to take note of this campaign and act to remove these magazines before they face a full legal challenge.”

End Violence Against Women (EVAW)

Holly Dustin, Director of EVAW, said:
“If we are serious about preventing violence against women and girls before it happens, we must look at the broader culture in which violence occurs. We live in a world where lads mags and other media relentlessly portray women in a sexualised and sexist way, often normalising abuse. This is a fantastic campaign targeting an industry that has had its day.”

University and College Union (UCU)

Sally Hunt, General Secretary of UCU, said:
“UCU fully supports a campaign which actively challenges the sexual objectification of women. If women are to achieve equality in the workplace, society and in our culture, the media must play its part and recognise that objectification leads to sexism, sexual harassment and violence against women. UCU is concerned about evidence of ‘lad culture’ in further and higher education and how this affects women students and staff. As an education union we want to work with women and men who want to create a society free from discrimination and harassment and to ensure this campaign succeeds’.

European Women’s Lobby

Leanda Barrington-Leach, EWL Communications and Media Officer, said:
“Combating sexism and the stereotyping of women and men in the media is crucial if gender equality is to become a reality in Europe.”


Jess Thomas, Project Manager at Equals, said:
“If we are serious about a future free of gender stereotyping we need to challenge the societal expectations about what men and women should and should not do, which limits our ability to live free and equal lives. Media and cultural representations of women impact on how women of all ages are viewed and view themselves, and this also influences public attitudes to women and women’s equality. Women all over the world are bombarded with media messages that valorise women’s appearance over their skills, abilities and experience, and which pressure young girls to conform to unrealistic images of what they should look like. The EQUALS coalition believes the lose the lads mags campaign takes a great stride into addressing this issue and is proud to become a supporter.”

No More Page 3

Lucy Anne Holmes, founder of No More Page 3, said
“Since starting our campaign to see the end of The Sun’s Page 3, we have been told repeatedly how unsafe people feel taking their children into shops, supermarkets and petrol stations because of the bombardment of naked, semi naked and pornographic images that face them when they do. Parents who have been asked ‘mummy, is that what little girls do when they grow up’ in response to the cover of The Sport, teenage boys who are opening every copy of The Sun to Page 3 in Tescos, fathers being asked ‘why isn’t that lady wearing any clothes?’ There is a very real sense of outrage and sadness about this. In many cases we’ve heard that people have complained and received a disinterested shrug in response, or been told that these titles are there for ‘customer choice’ But the placement of these titles at child height mean that customers have no choice but to expose their children to soft porn and sexism when doing the weekly shop.  People really have had enough. It’s terrific that UK Feminista and Object are using the law to encourage and empower people to speak up about this.”

Aurora New Dawn

Shonagh Dillon, CEO of Aurora New Dawn, said:
“As a frontline organisation working with victims and survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence, Aurora New Dawn is proud to lend our support to the Lose the Lads Mags campaign. The relationship between the ubiquitous representation of women as sexual objects is recognised internationally by the UN Convention to Eliminate Discrimination Against Women; as are the links between such representations of women and the social attitudes that underpin gender-based violence and abuse. As a CEDAW signatory, the UK government has committed to tackle the harmful objectification of women that forms the daily business of ‘lads mags’ and we are delighted to support a campaign that not only delivers directly to this commitment but also moves us closer to a future where violence against women and girls is the exception and not the norm.”

White Ribbon Campaign UK

Chris Green, from the White Ribbon Campaign, said:
“Our work of men challenging violence against women must go hand in hand with an end to the culture of objectification of women. We support absolutely the campaign Lose the lads Mags.”

Dr Aisha Gill, Criminologist, University of Roehampton

“I support the campaign and have signed this important petition. It is time to challenge the display and selling of these magazines in shops – full stop. Research continues to show that the availability of these magazines contribute to “rape culture” and discriminates against women and girls by promoting damaging models of femininity and violence against women. It is time to #losetheladsmags!”

Dr. Linda Papadopoulos, psychologist

Dr. Linda’s Papadopoulos, author of the Sexualisation of Young People Review, said:
“I fully support the lose the lads’ mags campaign, the predominant message in many of these publications is around sexual dominance the objectification of the female body. Several studies have established a link between the consumption of sexualised images that subjugate women, and a tendency to view women as objects which in turn has the potential to promote and normalise aggressive attitudes and behaviour. It is time we examined the harmful cumulative effect of these messages and what we can do to prevent negative results.

Local Mums Online

Kathy McGuinness, Editor and Founder of Local Mums Online, said:
“Local Mums Online strongly supports the Lose the Lads Mags campaign. We believe the display of lads mags by retailers is very damaging as it normalises the sexual objectification of women and encourages sexist attitudes, both of which have been linked to violence against women. We feel the presence of these publications is particularly damaging to children who have no choice but to see the images when they visit stores with their parents. Exposure to sexualised images has also been shown to be harmful to children, affecting their relationships, sexual behaviour and self esteem.”


Rosie Rogers, National Coordinator at Compass, said:
“We at Compass work with alliances to build for a good society- one that is far more equal, democratic and sustainable then the one we live in now. Compass whole heartedly supports the Lose the Lads Mags campaign as living in a society where Lads’ Mags are accepted and a part of our high streets and sold in our shops is not a part of our vision of a good society. Anything that promotes inequality and objectified women is not what we stand for, so it’s time to lose the lads mags once and for all!”

Dr. Helen Pankhurst

Dr. Helen Pankhurst, granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst and great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst, said:
“I am supporting the Lose the Lads’ Mags’ Campaign.  The magazines, like the images on page 3 of the Sun, are degrading, and we should be exposing the magazines for what they are, rather than tolerating them in silence’

Equality Now


Glasgow Rape Crisis

Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre



National Alliance of Women’s Organisations

Natasha Walter, author of Living Dolls

Women Making a Difference

Making Herstory

Women’s Independent Alcohol Support

Women’s Views On News

Child Eyes

3 comments on “Supporters
  1. Jude Dodds says:

    Sheffield Feminist Network supports the Lose Lads’ mags campaign.

  2. The NEFG supports this important work. Thank you for taking the time to make this important change. Let us know if we can help. Through helpfulness we thrive.

  3. Apna Haq says:

    it’s about time that those selling these types of magazines are held to account-

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